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Our additional services

Below some services we can handle and coordinate for you, including a range of seasonal services to maintain your home and keep it beautiful.

We can also provide oversight of contractors and full management of projects for all your home needs.

Ask us about our additional services to get you started with your projects!

Building a House

Oversight of contractor service

We can oversight and supervise any contractors for you.

From seasonal maintenance to scheduled repairs or installations.

This includes allowing access or supervising any contractors working in your home, but also offering you bid proposals in the event you didn't know any local contractors and needed some projects completed. 

With our list of vetted vendors, we will be able to help you with any projects.


Exterior Seasonal Cleaning

We like to educate our clients on the importance of seasonal services to keep their home maintained. We recommend scheduling seasonal services at least twice a year.


We can handle any power wash, or window cleaning services for the exterior areas around your property like driveway, patios, concrete, walkways or sidings.

For any jobs, we always follow the manufacturers cleaning guidelines and utilize the appropriate technique including soft wash and only use approved cleaning products to not damage any materials or sidings on your home.

Heater Repair

Yearly Homeowner Maintenance Service

Staying up to date with important maintenance of home systems and equipment is critical in any homes in order to prevent issues and to guarantee good efficiency for many years to come. 

We offer to manage for clients the scheduling of any home systems or equipment at a regular time on a yearly basis.

We handle everything for you so you won't forget.

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