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Our Shore winter season service 

When the summer ends and you go back to your primary residence, rely on us to check on your shore home, keeping it safe and secure during the long winter.

Worrying over the risk of bad storms, strong winds, snow or other weather events will be a thing of the past with CareMore Home Watch looking after your shore property over the winter season,


With our winter home watch services, we offer you the perfect solution while you are away from the shore.

Our periodic house checks are methodic but also tailored specifically to your home.

All our services can be customized, adapting to any situations and allowing you to choose the frequency of house check visits.

Additionally, we can handle any seasonal services for you: From Opening to Closing your shore home, coordinating any scheduled services but also handling small to larger projects you would want completed before and after your return. 

We want to ensure that returning and leaving your vacation home, is

a true stress-free experience for you and your family! 

Our services

The towns we serve at the Shore 

We offer services to any homeowners with a shore home in Cape May County. We have clients in Avalon, Stone Harbor and Sea Isles and look forward to adding more locations to our list!

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