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Your Home: Our Priority

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Our Story

Why we started CareMore Home Watch?

After talking with many homeowners, we understood there was a common issue, regardless of location or service needs.

Finding reliable and trustworthy people is the difficult reality too many homeowners have to face nowadays, when looking to hire professionals to help with their home needs.


From seasonal maintenance, repairs, installations of appliances or home systems to seasonal projects, small to larger ones: Finding the right service providers is a real struggle.

Often lacking the time to research and find reliable companies, many homeowners will become discouraged and give up or agree to pay high costs that don't always meet their expectations and lack true customer service skills. 


We wanted to change that and restore the trust many homeowners seemed to have lost in the service industry.

At CareMore Home Watch, our mission is to Make Life Easier, becoming the #1 Go to contact for any home needs, helping homeowners with daily chores, seasonal maintenance or home projects.

More importantly, by keeping their home safe and secure, providing periodic house checks anytime they are away from home during the year.


We work with excellence in mind, bringing standards, values and true work ethics. 

Putting our clients first and truly caring for them is what we aim to do, and plan to be the best at it. 

Checking on your home is more than just asking a neighbor or a family member to "stop by"

If you are gone for a few days, you can ask a neighbor or family member to "stop by" just to check on your home.

Sure, it is enough and possibly free, but when you go away for long period of times, is it really giving you complete peace of mind?

  • Isn't it asking too much, do they have the time? Is it more a bother for them?

  • Will they check all areas of your home, like corners in the basement, behind every sink door for possible leaks or check for things like rodents, mold, or faulty systems each time?

  • And if anything happens, will they address the issue if at all? 

Chances are, if you worry about those things during your absence from your home, you may want to consider hiring professionals the next time you plan to be away from home again.

Your home is one the most important investment, where you live, raise your family and the place where you feel safe.

It is worth the investment to know you have reliable professionals checking on your residence while you are away for short to longer period of time.

At CareMore Home Watch, our team combines years of experience working in the hospitality industry, with new technology and all have a passion for helping people, handling many home improvements and projects for residential properties. Helping homeowners finding solutions to their everyday concerns is one of the many things we love to do for our clients.

Read about our services, what our clients say about us and call us to help you with your home needs today!

What Our Clients Say

Luxury Villa
"We use CareMore every winter & only wish we found them sooner! They are our eyes and ears for our home when we stay in Florida. We no longer worry about bad winter months in PA. They provide true peace of mind"

A client in Wayne, PA, with a secondary home in FL

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