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Frequently Asked Questions...

What is home watch and how does it work?

Home watch is defined as the visual inspection of a home or property, looking for obvious issues.

As a home watch company, at CareMore Home Watch, our goal is to provide our clients with peace of mind, looking after their home while they are away.

Using comprehensive process and efficient tools, transparency and reliability at all times.

What services do you offer homeowners?

CareMore Home Watch is a home watch company offering periodic house checks and other seasonal services to homeowners located in the suburbs of Philadelphia, at the Jersey shore but also in Western and Southern Maine.

From absentee house checks for primary residence when you are away for months at a time like snowbirds going to FL over the winter months, to checking on your secondary shore, lake or mountain home when you are away over the winter months, or simply to provide you with house check service when you are away for a few weeks, we can do it all.

Our goal is to look after your home whenever you plan to be away - for short or longer period of time.

We offer periodic house checks, but also home monitoring solutions with smart systems, seasonal maintenance services like power washing, shrink wrap, window cleaning and other services. We also supervise or handle any projects or contractors in your home with our oversight of contractor and project development services.

How do you handle issues found during a house check?

If we detect an issue in your home, first we will identify the cause to minimize any further damage. Then we will contact you to receive your instructions to handle. If we are unable to reach you, we will consult with your designated contractor. If neither one of you can be reached, we will take the appropriate action reaching out to one of our vendors.

We maintain a network of reliable vendors, so we are able to receive a prompt and affordable solution in such situation. We will provide any reports from the vendors so you are always informed.
We will also supervise any vendors required to come to your home and leave after securing your property once their work is done. 

Where are you located and in what area do you offer your services?

We now operate across multiple states on the East coast including our main office located in the heart of the Main Line outside Philadelphia, we also have a local operation servicing Cape May counties and more recently we have acquired a regional office to be able to serve the Western and Southern part of Maine.
We serve any clients in the suburbs of Philadelphia, at the Jersey shore, including anyone with a secondary home on Seven Mile Island, specifically Stone Harbor, Avalon and Sea Isle City. And for the state of Maine, we now also cater to homeowners who own secondary homes especially lake homes, ski cabins in the western part of the state but also anyone who has a shore property along the beautiful New England coast.  

Are you insured? How can we trust you?

Yes! We are fully insured, including general liability as well as professional (also called Errors and Omissions). We also carry a dishonesty bond. All available to our clients at any time to verify.

We will also provide you with at least 3 references to check on and ask any questions on our services. 

While the profession of Home Watch isn't recognized officially yet as a category of its own, we aim to make this profession recognized and educate as many people as possible on our industry and the services we offer homeowners.

Why should I hire professionals to check on my home when I can ask neighbors or family?

Do you really want your neighbor undertaking that responsibility and expect them to visit on a regular
schedule and document each visit?

Can you trust they check what really matters and not just if the door is locked or that everything "appears" ok?

There is so much more in a home than could potentially lead to serious damage and high costs for you to handle the repairs once it is too late.
Even a little water, or mold damage, can cost tens of thousands of dollars in repairs. Added to that the stress to handle the issue, deal with insurance or contractors in your home.


How can I book services? What does it involve?

Because our services are customized to every client based on the specifics of their home, after a brief introductory call, we will want to meet in your house for a free consultation to get a better idea of your expectations and concerns so we can determine the best services to fit your needs while you are away.

We will go over a comprehensive assessment of the exterior and interior of your house and make notes of any critical areas or things that could require improvement or closer attention to during each of our house checks.

During our visit, we will also get a layout of your home to customize our inspection checklist, and also be able to offer you other services based on your needs.

What is included in your Home Watch service?

All our services are customized based on our clients and the specifics of their home.

While the frequency of visits will vary depending on the length of your absence and preferences, any visit will always include to check the interior and exterior of your home following a multi-point inspection checklist, a detailed report sent to you after each visit, regular updates so you are informed of any changes or actions taken. 


We also provide recommendations and always take proactive measures to any issues we will find to keep your home maintained, safe and secure. 

How can I receive a proposal for your services?

Because our services are customized based on the specific situation of every client, we will be able to provide an estimate after discussing with you over the phone, and better understand your needs, the time you plan to be away, and the frequency of checks you would require for your home.  

Your home is one of your most valuable assets, why take a chance with it? At CareMore Home Watch, we know what it takes to do the job right and to keep your home safe and secure. Don't bargain with security and your own peace of mind, hire professionals to look after your home. 

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